Winnipeg Braces & Invisalign

 Protect Your Child’s Smile

At Topsmiles Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we know that you want your child’s smile to be straight, healthy, and happy. That’s why parents are happy to hear that we offer some of the latest orthodontic treatment options available.

You’ll love the options, and you’ll love Dr. Alvaro Salles’ approach to care.

Clear Aligners

Simple and effective, we proudly offer both Invisalign and our own proprietary in-house aligners.

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kids dentist winnipeg
kids dentist winnipeg

Metal Braces

Experience the convenience and comfort of a faster treatment process with our self-ligating metal braces—the hassle-free solution to achieving a beautiful smile, now more comfortable than ever before.

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Clear Braces

Feel more confident straightening your teeth with clear, ceramic braces that blend in with your natural smile.

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kids dentist winnipeg
winnipeg invisalign

Orthodontics for All Ages

Topsmiles takes pride in crafting beautiful smiles for children, teens, and adults of all ages.

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What Orthodontics Can Treat

Your teeth highly influence your smile and facial features, which are important tools to help you feel confident when you talk and interact with others.

Misaligned teeth can not only cause self-consciousness during social interactions but can also lead to speech difficulty, food lodgment, bad breath, premature loss of teeth, and other dental problems. Fortunately, Dr. Alvaro Salles can correct all of these issues with our orthodontic solutions.

We offer a range of orthodontic solutions focused on treating irregularities in the teeth and jaws in both teens and adults. Dr. Alvaro Salles pairs modern technology with effective and efficient orthodontic techniques.

Whether you are aiming to improve your smile for professional and aesthetic goals or simply want to look your very best on your wedding day, Topsmiles Pediatric Dentistry in Winnipeg is your one-stop dental destination to find the right solution for your maligned teeth.

Metal Braces & More

Depending on your child’s case and Dr. Salles’ recommendations, combined with your particular interests, we can recommend one of a number of options to transform your child’s smile.

Metal braces are always a popular orthodontic treatment in Winnipeg, but we have other options, too.

After your first free consultation exam, Dr. Alvaro Salles will talk to you about the best treatment options for your child.

Fixed Appliances Vs. Removable Appliances

At Topsmiles, we believe that communication is vital when it comes to your child’s treatment. It’s helpful for patients around Winnipeg to know a bit more about fixed and removable appliances.

Fixed appliances, such as braces, are attached to your child’s teeth and won’t take them off until they complete their entire course of treatment.

When Dr. Alvaro Salles prescribes a removable appliance such as a clear aligner system, your child will wear it most of the day, but they can take the trays out for cleanings and meals.